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On the occasion of the American president’s visit to France, spectators discovered a cultural difference. The French kiss is a difficult experience for Americans. The hug is also felt by the French as an insurmountable step, because of the proximity …

Before President Trump left France he shared a 29-second handshake with French President Emmanuel Macron, the latest in a string of awkward moments between the two world leaders.

Olivier Giraud is the guest on CNN international’s “the world right now” program, where he discusses the keys to achieving these milestones.

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The World Right Now, with Hala Gorani, a TV news show that brings viewers into the heart of CNN’s International news gathering operation & latest news.


Hala Gorani is an American journalist of Syrian origin raised in France. After starting her career in the French media, she joined CNN International in 1998. A senior reporter in the Middle East, she also presents several iconic programs on international current affairs. Since 2014, she has been London correspondent and presenter of Hala Gorani Tonight. Hala Gorani is one of CNN’s most experienced international politics journalists, having reported from every country in the Near and Middle East, including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan and the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

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