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Discover the fascinating and atypical journey of Olivier Giraud, a man who succeeded in turning a dream into reality! From cooking to acting, via the prestigious rooms of a luxury hotel in Florida, follow the journey of a passionate man determined to follow his dream.

Go behind the scenes of his bold, never-before-seen creation, “How to become a Parisian in One Hour”, which defies expectations and celebrates cultural differences with humor and insight. Prepare to experience a multicultural journey through laughter, truths and sharing, embodied by a man who has followed his own path. Welcome to the captivating world of Olivier Giraud!

Galerie Olivier Giraud


At the age of 8, Olivier promised his mother that one day he would perform at the Olympia. A promise that made her smile…

As a teenager, he developed a passion for cooking and decided to become a chef. A few years later, he graduated from the Ferrandi French cookery school (Paris 6th arrondissement).

In 2001, Olivier packed his bags for the USA. He obtained a 6-year visa and became Maître d’Hôtel at one of the most prestigious hotels on the East Coast, “The Breakers”, in Palm Beach, Florida.

On the eve of his 30th birthday, Olivier realised that living under palm trees and blue skies all year round was no longer enough… Obsessed by his childhood dream, he decided to put an end to his American adventure and return to Paris to fulfil his childhood dream… To go on stage!



On the strength of his professional experience on the other side of the world, Olivier became fascinated by the cultural differences he observed between the French and the rest of the world. He decided to write a show about Parisians because his American clients always asked him the same question: Why are Parisians so arrogant?

After two years of writing, he presented his project to a number of show business professionals to get their support, but his project was branded a failure. No one wanted to bet on him, so he made the choice of setting up his own production company, “La French Arrogance Production”.

On 10 May 2009, “How to become a Parisian in One Hour” was performed for the first time.

GALERIE Olivier Giraud au Pont Alexandre III
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In 2019, Olivier Giraud has been invited by Sciences-Po University to describe his career at a TEDx on the theme ‘The power of fear‘. He shares his difficult journey, marked by frequent obstacles and rejections, demonstrating the importance of tenacity, resilience and determination in the face of adversity. His ability to turn setbacks into opportunities has been a defining feature of his journey, as these challenges have acted as a powerful driving force, reinforcing his choices and encouraging him to follow his aspirations and realise his dreams.

Despite closed doors and doubts, he has persevered, creating his own space in the theatre industry to impose his original concept. His story is an inspiration, illustrating how resilience, passion and hard work can forge a unique path in such a competitive and demanding field.

Nearly a million spectators and 3,000 performances later, Olivier Giraud is still in residence year-round at the Théâtre des Nouveautés with his interactive show. The audience is Olivier Giraud’s partner, offering unique performances every night and multiplying the pleasure of Olivier Giraud performing in front of a multicultural audience!

Galerie Olivier Giraud
Galerie Olivier Giraud


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On November 2018, Olivier Giraud decided to take on a new challenge by writing a practical guide to complement the training he gives on stage.

La French Arrogance prod then also became a publishing house to publish 10,000 copies of Olivier Giraud’s humorous book, published in both French and English versions. Olivier Giraud’s priority is to offer a guide that is 100% made in France: the books are published in St Evarzec in the south of Finistère, while the illustrator chosen, Solène Debiès, is from Brest, also acity in Brittany (West of france). After 3 reprints his books are still available in many Parisian shops and also at the theatre.

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Since September 2023, Parisian expert Olivier Giraud has been taking on a new challenge by adding an even more playful touch to his expertise. He is now sharing his advice through humorous videos, filmed in the heart of Paris, which are broadcast with gusto on social networks. With his unique style and keen sense of observation, Olivier Giraud deciphers typical Parisian behaviour with infectious humour.

In these videos, Olivier explores the subtleties of everyday life in the capital, staging hilarious scenarios that resonate with the realities experienced by the inhabitants of Paris. Whether it’s Parisians’ demanding expectations of service, their arrogance, their distinctive facial expressions or even the implicit codes of urban ‘politeness’, Giraud tackles these subjects with lightness and self-mockery.

Paris’s iconic landmarks become the backdrops for his sketches, offering a comic and authentic perspective on life in Paris. The massive number of shares (over 60 million views to date) on the networks testifies to the success of this new adventure for Olivier Giraud, who succeeds in subtly blending humour with a perceptive observation of Parisian culture.

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“Being Parisian isn't about being born in Paris, it's about being reborn there.”

Sacha Guitry
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