Bandeau du spectacle d'Olivier Giraud - “HOW TO BECOME A PARISIAN IN ONE HOUR ?”

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The theater

The auditorium has some 600 seats divided between the orchestra and the balcony.

In 2016, all the reception areas were renovated and the seats changed to offer you maximum comfort.

During your visit to the theater, make sure you check out the dome and the bas-reliefs of the dress circle.

Another advantage is that the auditorium is air-conditioned.

Step inside the Théâtre des Nouveautés and discover a little gem in the heart of the Grands Boulevards, a festive high spot in the capital!

Immerse yourself in the standout show in English in Paris - "How to become a Parisian in one hour?" Wondering about what to do in Paris? Plan an exhilarating night out and uncover hidden gems with essential tips from Olivier Giraud to navigate the Parisian Jungle. By the end, you’ll seamlessly fit in like a local in Paris! With countless things to do in Paris, laughter is key - CNN insists this show is a must on your bucket list in Paris!