Bandeau du spectacle d'Olivier Giraud - “HOW TO BECOME A PARISIAN IN ONE HOUR ?”

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How to Become Parisian in One Hour – a lesson from Olivier Giraud


The first night of a trip to Paris is one that’s bound to be subject to deliberation. Do you wander the bright lights of the Champs-Élysées or relax in a quiet backstreet bistro ?

Some will be deep in slumber, setting themselves up for a long day’s sightseeing, whilst others will be out dancing until the early morning. For those ruing the effects of an oncoming culture shock, Olivier Giraud has set up the ideal opening night experience, entitled ‘How to Become Parisian in One Hour’.

His stand up show, held at the Théâtre des Nouveautés, was originally designed for tourists and expats, to provide a humorous introduction to the way of life exhibited by many Parisians. He examines clichés (his website asks “Do you love Paris but you think that Parisians are rude ? You’re right they are !”) and provides advice on common tourist situations, such as what to expect from waiters, how to board the metro and even approaching the opposite sex.

The show is 100% in English, so those of you without the language needn’t dust off the old French phrasebook. Despite this, locals themselves have taken to the show – “The audience is around 50 percent Parisian, 30 percent expat and 20 percent tourist”, according to Giraud himself. It’s this sense of community that makes the show genuinely amusing for all – Giraud does not hold back from poking fun at the ways of Parisians and tourists, which makes for a show that all can laugh along with together. Although probably not suitable for children, any adult is sure to find something in the show to amuse them, whether you’re a first time tourist or a veteran traveller.

If you’re looking for an education in the Parisian way of life, check out our latest tripsto the capital. For more detail on the show and to book tickets, head to Giraud’s websitehere.